Not just copper pots

In addition to making industrial copper pots tailored to our customers, for years we have been specialising in the design and manufacture of industrial boilers. Mingazzini are among the best known boiler makers in the dairy sector. Our copper boilers are characterised by their all-copper interior, glazed steel edge and steel exterior with vent valve.
We create all our boilers by hand, just as they used to be made, to be sure of the quality of the finished product. In this way, we can offer our customers boilers made in a workmanlike manner, which are reliable and designed to last for decades.
Need maintenance? Our technicians refurbish our pots and copper kettles. We repair all damage, from the smallest to the largest dent, for any model of pot and kettle.
We are also experts in the installation and repair of steam generators. In addition, we execute the construction of thermal power plants, plants for liquid - milk, whey, water - and all other equipment for the dairy industry.

Rizzi Impianti Caseari

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