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Our copper pots are different.
We'll tell you why

We have a range of pots and kettles. Our products are special, and on this page we'll explain why. Our company makes industrial copper pots of all types and sizes. Send us your request and we'll reply to you with all the information you need.

Rizzi Impianti Caseari

Rizzi impianti caseari

What are they used for?

The pots are used to produce handmade cheese and polenta and to boil tomatoes.

How do they work?

A frame supports the right pot. Below, a wood or gas fire, by means of a burner, allows the contents of the container to get up to temperature.

What volume can they hold?

From 100 to 600 litres. The size of the pots vary according to the needs of our customers.

How are they made?

They may have a cylindrical or conical shape. All pots have a steel plate ring on the upper base with handles or arch supports.

What are the advantages compared to other pots?

Our pots are made of pure copper, need no internal solder and are thicker than many pots on the market.

What are its features?

Thanks to the special quality of the copper, the copper pots made in our company allow you to prepare food with flavours and traditional methods: not at all similar to those of industrial origin.

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